De-Mystifying Business Messaging

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Do you remember the last time you wanted to call a business for help? Neither do your customers.  They would much rather use an app on their mobile phones or send a text message. In fact, recent research shows that 64% of consumers prefer to send a message rather than call when they need assistance.

Business messaging, also known as asynchronous messaging, is the fast, convenient way for customers to engage with you. According to Statista, there were more than five billion mobile messaging users as of October 20191, and no end is in sight for the upsurge in users. When implemented correctly, messaging is a powerful tool to help consumers connect with businesses—especially when it comes to customer service.  This paper defines what business messaging is and what it isn’t, then delves into what it can mean for your customers, your revenue growth, and your employees.  Continue reading to learn more!