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March/April 2009

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But Is It Natural?

Make it clear for callers to know what to say when given an open-ended prompt.

I'm Sorry, Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That

Natural Language 2009: A Speech Odyssey

Taming the Multichannel Monster

The right tools and technologies can bring together all of your customer contact channels seamlessly.


IVR on the Air at Dubai Airport

Traffic volume mandates an automated system for flight information.

Speech Gives the Orders

A medical supplies distributor improves order accuracy with a voice-directed logistics system.


Editor's Letter

Naturally, It's About Customer Experiences

The Business Case

Speech Analytics Delivers the Insight

The benefits reaped can be found across industries.

Forward Thinking

Avoid the "Old-Folks' Home" with a Speech-Enabled House

Technology exists to help the elderly live on their own.

Inside Outsourcing

Speech Platform Architecture

Don't undersell the foundation of your reputation.


Are You Working Hard to Suck Less?

Instead, why not design something people are happy to use?

A View from AVIOS

Beyond Voice Search

The mobile user interface reaches a new level.

Voice Value

Nuance Roars into New Markets

New Dragon release puts dictation into the mobile workforce.

Speech Solutions

Embedded Text-to-Speech


Kindle 2's TTS Flare-Up Quickly Extinguished

Amazon will let authors and publishers decide whether text-to-speech will be available for their specific titles.


Under-the-radar speech news

Voice Search Will Challenge Contact Centers

More viable mobile Web services will likely lead to an increase in contact center traffic, Voice Search 2009 panelists predict.

Yahoo Looks to Mobile to Increase Its Share of Searches

The search engine provider hints at a move to mobile search.

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