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July/August 2023

Magazine Features

Speech Analytics Can Help Steer Chatbot Interactions

Companies are beginning to apply traditional speech analytics to their automated conversations.

How Speech Analytics Helps Improve Coaching/Training

Data-driven guidance provides a better agent and customer experience.


Editor's Letter

Analytics Continues Its Charge Beyond the Phone

Companies are gaining even more actionable business intelligence by deploying artificial intelligence and natural language processing engines to customer conversations in multiple digital channels.

In Other Words

The Future of Dubbing: Automatic Media Voice Translation

Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era in translation.


The Contact Center Supervisor Workspace Gets a Makeover

From analytics to Copilot, this desktop is supercharged.

Voice Value

The Speech Accessibility Project Could Open Doors, Literally

Dysarthric speech is getting more equal representation in voice algorithms.


With Conversational AI, the Standards Work Heats Up

The W3C has published recent standards that will impact AI-powered speech applications.


Meta, Google Develop Their Own AI Speech Models

Facebook parent company Meta last month unveiled Voicebox, an advanced AI tool for generating speech from text, while Google introduced AudioPaLM, its own large language model that can tackle speech understanding and generation tasks.

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