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Spring 2013

Magazine Features

Speech Developer Programs Have Hit Prime Time

From the novice to the experienced, it's boom time for developers.

Speech Finds a Home

Talking to the walls might not mean you're crazy.

The Government Is Listening

Speech technology sees government growth spurt.


CBE Lets Companies Collect with CallMiner Platform

Eureka Speech Analytics helps extract meaningful business intelligence.

Mobile Technology Solves TV Troubles

Synchronoss' SmartCare IVR gives Mediacom subscribers on-the-go options via their smartphones.


Editor's Letter

The Appliances Have Ears

The Business Case

The Emergence of Real-Time Solutions for Contact Centers

Improving the customer—and agent—experience with analytics and guidance.

Forward Thinking

Singing the Praise of Speech Recognition

Applications are out there—if you know where to look.

Inside Outsourcing

Raise Your Mobile Profile

Look to outsourcing to give your customers the technology they expect.


When Bad IVRs Are Good Enough

Users accustomed to substandard systems can't imagine any better.

A View from AVIOS

Beyond Speech in the Car

Automotive safety calls for a holistic approach.

Voice Value

Universal Design Offers Options—and Access

For many, this solution provides more than just convenience.


Clearing Up the Hype Around Hypervoice

Drivers Prefer Speech, But It Needs Work

Overheard Underheard

Speech Pioneer Ray Kurzweil Joins Google

Speech to Play a Bigger Role in Translation Technologies

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