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Winter 2013

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Can VUI and GUI Survive an Interface Marriage?

Even though voice user and graphical user interface designs differ greatly, some practitioners are committed to making their union work.

Do In-Car Voice-Enabled Devices Distract Drivers?

Speech industry experts question a recent AAA study that says eyes-free, hands-free technologies are not safe on the road.

Voice Biometrics Can Shut the Door on Call Center Fraud

Speech technologies heighten safeguards against socially engineered identity theft. (This story was originally published in the October 2013 issue of CRM magazine.)


Amcom Speech Recognition Answers a College's Call

Middlesex County College benefits from a voice-based call attendant solution.


Editor's Letter

Speech Readies for Multimodal and Security Environments

Forward Thinking

Eyes-Busy, Hands-Busy Computing

What we all have in common with an HVAC repairman.

In Other Words

Mobile Device Translations Get in the Game

An interview with a sports industry speech evangelist.

Inside Outsourcing

Best Practices for Building a Customer Interaction Hub

Gain a competitive edge with a unique multichannel experience.


Getting to the Bottom of IVR Abandonment Rates

A shortage of data is not the problem.

Voice Value

Omnichannel Contact Centers Embrace Speech

Suddenly, the technology is everywhere.


EMMA Success Leads to New Challenges

GPS, data analysis top innovations list.


Apple Upgrades Siri in Latest iPhone, iOS Releases

Banks Can Use Speech to Personalize Interactions

Overcoming Accents and Speech Irregularities

Overheard Underheard

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