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October/November 1997

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Biometric in Less Than 40 Bytes

A speaker verification biometric must satisfy three key technical requirements if it is to prove successful in the real world. It must be robust, discriminative and secure.

Learnout & Hauspie, Developers Show New Offerings at Technology Day

Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products opened its Technology Days showcase to industry analysts and media recently at a two-day forum addressing the future of speech technology and demonstrating cutting-edge speech-enabled applications.

Speech Meets Needs in Many Different Markets

Voice synthesis technology and product identification products and services are developing rapidly and being continuously applied to new markets. While speech-centered companies have focused on the technology for decades, in many industries niches there are unique needs being addressed with speech for the first time.

The Verdict is in for Continuous Speech

For someone who has been using and testing speech recognition systems for over five years, the new continuous speech, large vocabulary dictation systems available now are like breaths of fresh air, truly marvelous, the industry's version of the Holy Grail.


Forward Thinking

Biometric Standards: Why We Need Them

Biometric-based technologies, such as speaker verification and live-scan fingerprinting, are the only fully automated methods available for verifying that a person is who she or he claims to be. As such, they are powerful tools for security and other operations that require authentication or identification.

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