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Winter 2015 Issue

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Making the Business Case for Speech Analytics

The technology is working its way into organizations, but deployment challenges remain

When Is Speech Technology too Creepy?

It's imperative to understand the fine line between creepy and cool

The Art and Science of Error Handling

A conversation with an IVR is still a conversation, and the same rules have to be applied. A Q&A with Google's Nandini Stocker.


eBay Finds a NICE Way to Save

NICE Systems' Interaction Analytics helps eBay dramatically cut average handling times


Editor's Letter

Design Inclusive Speech Systems

Speech and voice systems need to do more than enable transactions; they need to provide a satisfying experience for customers of all kinds.

Forward Thinking

Many Gadgets, One Interface

In the smart home of the (near) future, a unified user interface—letting you touch, type, or speak—will control all of your systems and devices

In Other Words

Automated Speech Translation: Think Global, Speak Local

Automatic translation, speech recognition, and text-to-speech make doing business abroad a lot less daunting

Inside Outsourcing

Why the Need for Speech Technology Is Greater Than Ever

In an increasingly multitasked, smaller-screen world, your fingers can't always do the walking (or swiping, or tapping)


The Designer as Customer

When an IVR pro gets flummoxed by IVRs, design lessons ensue

Voice Value

Speech Technology in the IoT Era

As companies strive to build a connected world, obstacles persist—and so do opportunities


Voice Should Be User-Friendly—to All Users

Experts work to make speech solutions accessible to the cognitively impaired

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