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Summer 2016 Issue

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Are Intelligent Virtual Assistants Ready for the Enterprise?

Not only is the answer 'yes,' see how Capital One, Domino's Pizza, Hyatt Hotels, and others are deploying IVAs in their organizations

Can Visual IVRs Shift Popular Opinion in Speech Tech’s Favor?

Adding a visual component can keep end users happy, but the type of solution a company chooses will depend on its size and needs

IVRs Get Set for the Omnichannel Challenge

Enterprises are making progress toward getting different channels to fit together, but a lot more work remains


Editor's Letter

What the iPhone Can Teach Speech Technologists

Forward Thinking

In a Mobile World, Voice and Graphical User Interfaces Need to Blend

Developers have to design both visual and voice experiences for today's devices

In Other Words

Facial Analysis Unites With Speech Technology to Gauge Human Emotion

A new application will be able to measure how people react to a message

Inside Outsourcing

The Voice of the F-18 Is Female, Southern—and Not a Professional

The fighter jet's warning system was voiced by a pressed-into-duty sound engineer


Data Is Indispensable— Except When It’s Not

Sometimes the right business decision is so obvious you don't need data to prove it

Voice Value

Thanks, Siri! Speech Technology Is Remaking Customer Interactions

The digital transformation of customer care is coming, and speech technology will be at the forefront


EMMA 2.0 Lets Applications Decide What to Tell You—and How

Information can be graphical or spoken, depending on context


IBM and Hilton Field-Test a Robot Concierge

Voice Controls Vie for Control of Smart Homes

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