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June 2007

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It's a Persona, Not a Personality

In IVR design, it should be about finding the right voice, not the right character.

Voice: The New Fingerprint?

Voice biometric consultants and technology are ready to fight back against fraudsters.


Implementing a Bright IVR Idea

A Florida triple-play provider doubles self-service and splits transfers between agents in half with a speech application.

Mood Rings Are Back

Consumer products manufacturer cuts hold times in half with a new IVR.


Editor's Letter

Hidden Gems in Voice

Forward Thinking

Classifying Classifications

Biological and language factors should be considered to improve the performance of speech processing systems.

Human Factor

The Persona Craze Nears an End

An over-the-top persona could push users over the edge.

A View from AVIOS

Highlighting Metrics and Mobility

The new generation of applications and services will provide long-term growth for the industry.

Voice Value

Interactive Digital: The Effective Use of Adaptation in VUI Design

Adjust audio responses based on caller preferences and more.

Speech Solutions

Interactive Voice and Video Response


Microsoft Puts Exchange Server Out for Free Trial

Microsoft announced in mid-April a free hosted trial for business customers to experience its Exchange Server 2007, one of the key components of its unified communications offerings that are due for release later this year.

Speech Analytics Is on the Rise

Based on the market’s rate of growth since 2004, research firm DMG Consulting expects the speech analytics market to double in 2007 and then again in 2008.

Traditional Voice Holds Amid IP's Growth

Voice services continue to be the mainstay for most communications service companies in the United States and Canada, even in the face of emerging growth opportunities in things like video and broadband, according to new research by Frost & Sullivan.

Videogame Voices Go 3-D

In the ultra-competitive home videogame landscape, game developers can ill afford to sit on their hands. Many are turning to new voice technologies as a way to enhance the experience for players and differentiate themselves from their peers.

Voice-Based Search Expands Among Major Web Players

Voice-based mobile search technology has already become the new battleground for speech technologies, and now major Web search leaders Yahoo! and Google are poised to add their names to an ever-growing list of participants.

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