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January/February 2008

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The Xs and Os of the Speech Game

Sticking to the game plan is the winning formula for a champion speech app.

Zeroing in on Opting Out

To stop callers from automatically dialing an agent, press or say 'Good VUI Design'


Dialing for Dollars

MasterCard uses speech recognition to help customers find a million ATMs worldwide.

Out of Harm's Way

In-car speech system adds a layer of safety for police on the beat.


Editor's Letter

New Year, New Names

Forward Thinking

Escaping from Directed Dialogues

Creating and implementing automatic classifiers is not as easy as it sounds.

In Other Words

Preparing for Localization

Taking steps in advance means constructing versatile systems.

Inside Outsourcing

Best Practices to Help NL Evolve

Getting it right will make a good impression on callers.


A Tale of Two Conferences

Events point to an end of the 'us-versus-them' mentality.

A View from AVIOS

A Helping Hand in Voice Search

As the technology grows, customers will start to expect it more.

Voice Value

Speech in Electronic Signatures

Voice biometrics can play a role, but we'll still need notaries.

Speech Solutions

3G Mobile Devices

While most phones in America are made for a 2.5G network, there are still some enticing options available.


Calling on MySpace: Is Anyone Listening?

In November, eBay-owned Skype initiated a strategic partnership with the social networking site MySpace, wherein MySpace would feature and brand Skype services across its instant messenger client.

Industry Dashboard: The 2008 Forecast

Speech Gets Social, But Do Users Want to Talk?

In October, U.K.-based speech-to-text (STT) provider SpinVox launched a free service that allows Facebook users to make changes over the phone to their accounts or profiles. But even with Facebook's 15 billion page views per year, would the site's mobile user base want to update their profiles, interact with friends, or change status messages using voice?

VoiceXML Testing Made Easy

Syntellect launches Voiyager, an application that can test every call path in VoiceXML code for errors in a matter of hours.

VoIP Goes Financial

ING and Merrill Lynch recently upgraded trading floor operations with Voice over Internet Protocol.

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