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April 2008

Magazine Features

Getting the Devil out of the Details

Tuning cycles smooth out the final kinks in an IVR.

How to Select an Outsourcer

Knowing what and when to outsource is just as important as the outsourcer selected.

NLP on Fertile Ground

But despite its promise, going natural will take work.


Automotive Auto Attendants

A Michigan car dealer sees sales grow with bridgeSpeak.

Getting It Right the First Time

A call center boosts first-call resolutions with call recording technology.


Editor's Letter

Collaboration Nation

Forward Thinking

The Expanding Speech Tech Universe

New stars present opportunities for using speech technologies.

In Other Words

The Hidden Revenue in Translation

English-only systems are out of touch with modern global realities.

Inside Outsourcing

Solving the Mystery of Poor Customer Experiences

A data-driven approach works best to analyze the customer experience.


Air Cover in the Trenches

User research is our best defense in the design war

Talking Tech

Moving Beyond 'I'm Sorry, I Didn't Get That'

Reprompts should correspond to the type of error being generated.

A View from AVIOS

Are We There Yet?

The state of the user experience in the speech community.

Voice Value

Dictation for the Mac User

A new option could loosen the Windows stranglehold.

Speech Solutions

Call Recording and Analytics

Call recording and analytics solutions offer unparalleled insight into customer interaction. Companies can use that information to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


EMEA's Hosted Services Market Growing Steadily

Hosted service vendors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have reason to celebrate: Their market has finally emerged from its nascent state.

Industry Dashboard

The PC and Embedded Speech.


under-the-radar speech news

Unified Communications Divided

An uptake is predicted in the adoption of unified communications applications, but the term itself remains undefined.

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