Speech Technology eWeekly - July 07, 2021

Speech Technology News

Goals and Challenges of IVR Modernization

Bespoken Chief Evangelist Emerson Sklar outlines the essential goals of modern, AI-powered IVR, such as reduced cost, increased throughput, and improved customer satisfaction, and the challenges organizations face in reaching those goals in this clip from his presentation at CX Connect 2021.

Zoom Buys German Speech Translation Firm KITES

Zoom plans to add to its multilanguage machine translation capabilities with its KITES acquisition.

Research Finds Voice Technologies Can Aid Parkinson's Patients

Parkinson's patients who use voice-assisted technologies speak more clearly and rarely have to repeat themselves, a new study found.

ReadSpeaker Expands Neural TTS Voice Portfolio

Arab, Indian, Norwegian, and Flemish TTS voices round out ReadSpeaker's neural TTS portfolio.

Sharp Increase Expected in Voice-Assisted Shopping, UnivDatos Reports

The worldwide market for voice shopping is expected to see a 77.7 percent growth through 2027, according to a new report.

Technicolor Connected Home Delivers Voice Control Set-Top Boxes

Technicolor's hands-free voice control set-top boxes come with Google Assistant for interacting with connected devices.

Industry Voices

Using AI for Conversational Intelligence Across All Channels

Modern customer experience requires all channels to be brought together with artificial intelligence.