Speech Technology eWeekly - October 27, 2021

Speech Technology News

Amazon Introduces Alexa Smart Properties

With Alexa Smart Properties, senior living community residents and patients can keep in touch with loved ones, connect with care team members, access news and information, and more, just by using their voices.

Speechmatics Launches Autonomous Speech Recognition Software

Speechmatics' autonomous speech recognition software features self-supervised learning technology that reduces speech recognition errors.

LifeBio Launches Memory, a Voice App for Seniors

LifeBio Memory uses AI, voice, and visual prompts with reminiscence therapy to enhance quality of care and quality of life for older adults.

Aloe Care Patents Its Voice-Enabled Caregiver App and Smart Hub

Aloe Care Health adds patents For Smart Hub And Caregiver App to help seniors and caregiving teams.

Onfido Acquires EYN

Onfido acquires EYN to provide acoustic-based liveness detection.

Observe.AI Launches Intelligent Workforce Platform

Observe.AI's Intelligent Workforce Platform brings AI and conversation intelligence to its contact center workforce solution. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

In Other Words

Are ASR Engines Ready for Machine Translation?

Speech recognition has come a long way, but even minor errors can make a big difference.

Industry Voices

Anatomy of an AI-Powered Voice Assistant

Conversational AI will be one of the leading technologies to radically evolve how businesses interact with their partners and customers.