Speech Technology eWeekly - July 30, 2008


Is Speech to Blame for Bad Transcripts?

A New York-based transcription services company suggests a few techniques to enhance digital audio recordings for transcription purposes.

Case Studies

On the Road to Success

Phone self-service puts Volkswagen Financial customers in control of their money 24/7.

Speech Technology News

OKI Brings a Unique Voice to TTS

Japanese software developer builds a text-to-speech product that lets users communicate with their own voices.

Verint and NICE Lead the QM/Liability Recording Market

Speech analytics will help drive the nearly $2.4 billion quality management/liability recording market to new heights.

AT&T Developing iPhone Speech Apps

The exclusive U.S. carrier of Apple's iPhone is developing a voice mashup that will give users of that device voice access to the mobile Web.

Inside Outsourcing

How to Deliver a Successful Multichannel Customer Experience

Factors to consider in placing automation in the right place for customers.