Speech Technology eWeekly - May 25, 2022

Speech Technology News

Elara and iTherapy Develop InnerVoice Unreal, a Speech Training Tool

InnerVoice Unreal uses speech synthesis and other technologies to teach autistic children how to speak.

SoundHound Introduces Voice AI Ordering

SoundHound brings voice ordering automation to restaurants and POS integration with Square.

Voice Biometrics Market to Hit $4.82 Billion by

The Insight Partners expects the global voice biometrics market to see 20.6 percent CAGR through 2028.

Interprefy Brings Live Translations and Captioning to Global Events

Available as an add-on for meeting platforms, Interprefy will provide automated live translation services for any event, business meeting, or conference.

AppTek Launches OmniCaption 300

AppTek's OmniCaption 300 is a broadcast-ready live automatic captioning appliance.

Tata Communications Launches DIGO for Converged and Contextual Conversations

Tata's DIGO is designed to transform customer engagement with intelligent Human to Everything (H2X) interactions across all customer experience (CX) platforms. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Conversational AI Market to Top $40 Billion by 2032

Future Market Insights expects the conversational AI market to grow 17.2 percent per year for the next 10 years. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)


Natural Language Interfaces That Everyone Can Use

Users can differ widely in their ability to express themselves and understand.