Speech Technology eWeekly - March 29, 2023


The 2023 State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

The need is still great, but deployment challenges remain.

Speech Technology News

SoundHound Launches Chat AI Voice Assistant

SoundHound Chat AI Voice Assistant combines voice AI with third-party generative AI models.

Chant Launches Developer Workbench 2023

Chant Developer Workbench 2023 accelerates speech technology integration for cross-platform and native apps.

Ellipsis Launches Personalized Podcasts

Ellipsis Personalized Podcasts is powered by OpenAI and the latest text-to-speech technology.

AssemblyAI Releases Conformer-1 API Speech Recognition Model

AssemblyAI's Conformer-1 is trained with 650,000 hours of audio data.

The View from AVIOS

Answer Technology: A Necessary Step in Human-Computer Conversation

Digital assistants need to get better at answering user questions to keep the conversation going.