Speech Technology eWeekly - June 28, 2023


2023 Vertical Markets Spotlight: Speech Technology in Manufacturing/Distribution

The right tech can improve productivity and enhance safety and quality control.

Speech Technology News

XL8 Joins Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

XL8's membership in the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub will help it accelerate development of its machine translation technologies.

IGT Solutions Launches TechBud.AI

IGT's TechBud.AI includes generative AI speech translation capabilities.

Keen Research Launches KeenASR SDK for Web

Keen Research's KeenASR SDK for Web provides on-device speech recognition for web developers.

Archieboy Launches AuthorVoice.ai

Archieboy's AuthorVoices.ai is a voice generation platform for audiobook production.


Recognizing Atypical Speech Is ASR’s Achilles’ Heel

Accessibility can't be an afterthought.