Speech Technology eWeekly - July 26, 2023


How Speech Analytics Helps Improve Coaching/Training

Data-driven guidance provides a better agent and customer experience.


Meta, Google Develop Their Own AI Speech Models

Facebook parent company Meta last month unveiled Voicebox, an advanced AI tool for generating speech from text, while Google introduced AudioPaLM, its own large language model that can tackle speech understanding and generation tasks.

Speech Technology News

Xilica Integrates with Lumens

New system integration between Xilica and Lumens enables automated, voice-based camera tracking. 

Modulate Adds to ToxMod Voice Moderation Platform

Modulate's ToxMod AI voice chat moderation software now takes on violent radicalization in online gaming.

PH7 Adds ZapVoice to Zapshot Chat App

ZapVoice clones the user's voice to deliver messages.

Teladoc Expands Voice Partnership with Microsoft

Teladoc's partnership with Microsoft brings AI and voice technology from Nuance into its telehealth platform.