Speech Technology eWeekly - March 18, 2009


Hold the Phone: It’s Google Voice and It’s Free

Google Voice's voicemail-to-text offering may prove a challenge to just about every phone company.

Make Mine a Large with Extra Speech Technology

800 PBX launches new IVR solution aimed at automating local pizzerias.

Case Studies

Transcription Solution Receives a Radiant Review

A hospital network's radiology department improves report turnaround time by 81 percent.

Making Public Records Public

An ambitious archiving project involving audio indexing and search technologies puts Washington state on the map.

Speech Technology News

Message Technologies Launches MTI Natural Chat

The company says the offering eliminates entry barriers for natural language IVR applications because developers no longer have to build complex grammars and create back-end artificial intelligence.

AT&T Gets a New Voice in Windows for 2009

Wizzard releases version 4.2 of AT&T Natural Voices Text to Speech.

Syntellect Launches Communications Portal 7.2

The release is the first to combine Syntellect's technology with that of Envox, a company Syntellect acquired last year.

Apple Introduces Speech-Enabled ipod Shuffle

The new product can speak song titles, artists, playlist names, and more.

Air France Deploys Nuance-Powered Speech Internationally

The popular speech-enabled service is now accessible to more customers overseas in six languages.