Speech Technology eWeekly - June 01, 2011


CCXML V1.0 Is a Proposed Recommendation

The World Wide Web Consortium issues a call for review of latest version of CCXML

SpeechTEK Europe Multimodal Challenge Winner Named

Textpilot from Norwegian company Include won the Expert's Prize in the event's new Multimodal Challenge competition.

Speech Technology News

New Hound Voice Search App Launches

The creators of SoundHound launch a new voice search app aimed at revolutionizing how people interact with connected devices

Angel Launches Next-Generation Multimodal IVR

The app delivers cutting-edge multimodal technology that brings efficient and personalized customer service for mobile customers.

Inside Outsourcing

Spring-Cleaning or a New House? Voice User Interface Designers Can Help

How to sort out requirements for outsourcing your IVR

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Government

Voice R&D responds to homeland security requests