Speech Technology eWeekly - February 15, 2012


New Players Join the Speech Industry

Powerful new players are piquing the interest of analysts.

Speech Technology News

SpeechCycle Awarded Patent for Repeat Caller Process

New patent covers call back disposition and re-evaluation in IVR-based customer care.

Mutare Integrates Voicemail into Call Centers

Reporting, escalation, and unified message tools help meet service-level agreements.

Nuance Unveils Dragon Medical Mobile Apps For Smart Phones

Mobile point-of-care solutions deliver real-time speech recognition, dictation and search capabilities.

VoiceTrust Acquires Perceive Solutions

The deal will accelerate VoiceTrust's entry in the Canadian voice biometrics market.

Nuance Lends a Voice to Kraft iFood App

iFood Assistant 4.0 lets users create grocery lists, recipes.


A Change Is Gonna Come

Steps for making sure it's the change you need