Speech Technology eWeekly - April 11, 2012


Voice Could Open New Doors for Hotels

Speech Technology News

eBible Launches a Voice-Navigated Bible

Navigate the Bible by speaking to it instead of tapping on a mobile app screen.

CodeBaby and Red Shift Announce Partnership

Collaboration ensures ease of use for consumers when accessing voice recognition technology to communicate with 3D digital characters

LexisNexis Launches Multifactor Authentication Solutions

Solutions include voice biometrics.

CereProc Partners with FTW and Voice Business to Give the Austrian Postal Service a Voice

New Austrian TTS voices are included in the project.

Agnitio Debuts KIVOX Mobile

New voice biometric software available for mobile devices.

The View from AVIOS

The Changing Perception and Reality of Speech Recognition

Siri sets a high bar for call center technology.