Speech Technology eWeekly - September 30, 2015

Speech Technology News

W3C's Voice Browser Working Group to Disband

The World Wide Web Consortium's subgroup created the VoiceXML standard, but sees interest shifting away from IVRs to smartphone apps.

Amazon Echo Brings Voice-Control to Insteon Devices

Users of Insteon's smart home connected devices can control their systems with voice commands through the Amazon Echo.

Nuance Introduces Dragon Medical Advisor

Dragon Medical Advisor is a computer-assisted physician documentation solution that provides real-time advice for improving clinical notes.

Artificial Solutions Releases Teneo 4

Teneo 4 provides a single platform for the development of artificial intelligence and natural language apps.

Zappware Launches Voice Recognition for Smart TVs

Zappware voice control supports multiscreen content discovery.

Serious Factory Uses Acapela TTS in Its Virtual Training Suite

The serious gaming provider will use Acapela Group's cloud-based speech synthesis technology in its training solution.

LumenVox to Release ASR Version 14.0

The latest release of LumenVox's speech recognition includes support for Brazilian Portuguese, error reporting, and multiword processing.