Speech Technology eWeekly - December 13, 2017

Speech Technology News

Real-Time Audio News Available from Spokata

Spokata's mobile app converts news stories to audio with Amazon's Polly text-to-speech service.

Voicebox Launches Voicebox Auto

Voicebox Auto delivers conversational interfaces to automakers

PlumVoice Launches AI-Powered IVR

Plum's AI-powered IVR applications use conversational natural language processing to understand caller intent.

ReadSpeaker Now Supports SSML

ReadSpeaker now supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language in its speechCloud API and Production API products.

Pegatron Adopts XMOS's Voice Technology

XMOS enables far-field voice technology for Pegatron's Martina smart speaker interface.

Parks Associates Sees Greater Use of Voice in Smart TVs

A voice interface is becoming a key focus for smart TVs and streaming media players, the research firm has found.

Sheetz to Offer Voice-Activated Ordering Through Alexa

Sheetz customers can now place food orders by voice through Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

Aprima Integrates with DocBuddy

The integration brings voice-guided dictation to Aprima's electronic health records application.

HITLAB Advances Voice Technology in Diabetes Care

HITLAB has awarded $75,000 in grants to help companies developing voice technologies for use by diabetics.