Speech Technology eWeekly - May 02, 2018


Speech Compliance Branches Out from the Contact Center into the Enterprise

As industry regulations increase in number, corporations look to speech to ensure adherence

Speech Technology News

Lexalytics Recommends Some Firms Leave the Cloud

While many published reports discuss continuing growth of companies using cloud services, Lexalytics has launched a "Get Out of the Cloud" campaign. "About a year ago, we started seeing many of our customers moving from the cloud to on-premises software," says Seth Redmore, Lexalytics chief marketing officer. "So we talked to them to find out why. It was economics, latency, and control."

Can AI and Speech Technology Save Lives by Predicting Cardiac Arrest?

Corti's system is an Artificial Intelligence-based speech analysis of real-time, live emergency medical services calls that makes instant predictions to detect out-of-hospital cardiac arrests with up to 95% accuracy.

Avaya Partners with Afiniti

Later this year, Afiniti Enterprise Behavioral Pairing will be added to Avaya's contact center platforms. Afiniti uses a customer's phone number and then scans over 100 databases--including customer relationship management systems--to build a profile.

AlterEgo: The Voice in Your Head

If speaking actual words to your digital assistant is just too much of a hassle, MIT Media Lab graduate student Arnav Kapur has you covered. His AlterEgo prototype "reads your mind" and does your bidding.

Data Monetization, Artificial Intelligence, and Voice Recognition to Fuel Automotive Industry Growth

In the coming months, artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition, data monetization, online vehicle retailing, and cybersecurity will propel rapid growth opportunities in the automotive sector.