Speech Technology eWeekly - September 26, 2007


speech@microsoft Activates Blog

To better consolidate information related to speech capabilities within the Microsoft Vista operating system, the developers responsible for incorporating speech into Windows Vista have launched a blog.

The 2007 Market Leaders

The speech technology industry has matured to a point where prominent leaders have emerged from the pack. To recognize these companies for their trailblazing efforts, we've assembled our first annual installment of the Speech Market Leader Awards. These awards feature four vendors in five speech technology categories (speech engine, self-service suite, analytics, professional services, and speech security).

Speech Technology News

VoiceVerified Expands Marketing Effort

Under a co-marketing agreement reached yesterday, ICT Group, a provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions, will begin offering voice biometrics solutions from VoiceVerified to its customers.

GPS System with TTS Capabilities Enters Chinese Market

GPS provider Magellan announced yesterday that it would market three of its leading speech-enabled products in China, a country where entering text can be difficult because of the large number of unique characters in its alphabet.

Nuance Installs NLP System for Nordic Telco

Nordic telecommunications company Telenor replaced its directed dialogue IVR with the Call Steering application from Nuance Communications. The application runs on the Dolphin HotVoice platform, integrated with the Nuance speech engine.

Coveo Wins Patent for Search Technology

Coveo announced today that its audio/video, speech recognition-powered search technology received a patent. Part of the company's Coveo Audio-Video Search (CAVS) technology, the Coveo speech recognition application differentiates from others because it can both cater to a specific industry's jargon and modify its dictionary as needed.

Forward Thinking

Speaker Authentication: Exploding Some of the Myths

Speaker authentication is still so new that many misunderstandings and myths abound.