Speech Technology eWeekly - March 27, 2019


The State of Artificial Intelligence

Training AI and machine learning leads to big gains and increased adoption

Q & A

Q&A: Wolf Paulus on the Engineering of Emotion

At the 2019 SpeechTEK Conference, Wolf Paulus, Principal Engineer, Technology Futures, Intuit and University of California, Irvine will be exploring "The Engineering of Emotion." Conference Chair Jim Larson interviewed Paulus to get a sneak peek at the session and explore the world of sentiment analysis.

Speech Technology News

Q the Genderless Voice Could Be Coming to a Device Near You

Thanks to researchers, sound designers, and linguists—who worked with Copenhagen Pride, Virtue, Equal AI, Koalition Interactive, and thirtysoundsgood—there's a genderless voice option: Q.

Connecticut Innovations Makes $500K Investment in Voiceitt

Connecticut Innovations (CI)—a quasi-public venture capital fund—"has completed its initial $500,000 equity investment to the winner of last year's VentureClash pitch competition."

TRUSTID Issues 2019 ‘State of Call Center Authentication’ Report

Survey finds call centers are now the vector of choice for criminal attacks.

Industry Voices

How to Train Your IVR of the Future

IVR is a mighty and long-standing part of the customer experience, but it must transform to prepare for the voice-activated future. Traditional IVR systems have to be trained further to deliver transforming interaction patterns like seamless integration and conversation with VPAs or voice activated command through messaging platforms.

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Marketing

IVAs and Chatbots Are Changing How Marketers Reach Customers