Speech Technology eWeekly - May 22, 2019


The AI Skills Gap

The lack of AI and machine learning talent has left employers scrambling

Q & A

Q&A: Why Call Recordings are Useless Without Analytics

We're all used to hearing that our calls may be recorded for training purposes, but most people don't give a lot of thought to what that really means--including, sometimes, the businesses doing the recording. Just like any data, your recorded calls are only useful if you can make sense of them and gain insight.

Speech Technology News

Workers Ready to Accept AI Says Report

The report - Engagement in the Always-on Era: How Humans and Technology Work Hand-in-Hand to Meet Rising Expectations - points to an increase in customer demand for always-on service. It's not only the expectations from consumers that are changing; the workforce also is shifting its attitude towards automation and artificial intelligence.

Verint Introduces Visual Tools

Solutions provide automation storyboarding for designing next-generation automation solutions for the contact center and back office.

Smartling Announces Expanded Automation Capabilities

Translation software and services company debuts new automation features and interface.


NLU Results Shouldn’t Be Proprietary

A common format for natural language tools would make everyone's life easier

Industry Voices

4 Reasons Why Purchasing with Voice is the Future

Explore four consumer trends that are driving the growth of voice intelligence in point of sale platforms.