Speech Technology eWeekly - January 23, 2008


Taking Doctors Off the Line

Following a special program partnership between NotifyMD and the Iroqois Healthcare Alliance, doctors throughout most of upper New York State may almost never have to pick up their office phones again.

A Quick Take on Speech in the iPhone

Quicktate.com, a web-based service that uses speech-to-text technology to transcribe voicemails on PDAs or smart phones, announced today at Macworld in San Francisco the beta release of a speech-to-text service that lets users read voicemail messages on their iPhones.

Speech Technology News

AT&T Debuts U-Verse Voice VoIP Service

Following a limited launch in late December, AT&T debuted its new digital voice service, U-Verse Voice, in Detroit today.

A Magic Implementation of Speech in Healthcare

In another expansive implementation of speech technology in healthcare, iSOFT, a division of the British-based IBA Health Group, today announced that it's integrating Royal Philips Electronic's SpeechMagic technology into its RadCentre radiology information system.

CallWave Goes Premium, Moves to Mac

Facing competition from speech-to-text (STT) providers like SpinVox, CallWave upped the ante on its service offerings this Monday when it launched three new subscription plans connected to its service.

MacSpeech + Nuance = Dictate

Speech recognition software provider MacSpeech planned to replace its existing speech-to-text (STT) iListen software with Dictate, which uses Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology.