Speech Technology eWeekly - January 23, 2008


AT&T Debuts U-Verse Voice VoIP Service

Following a limited launch in late December, AT&T debuted its new digital voice service, U-Verse Voice, in Detroit today.

A Magic Implementation of Speech in Healthcare

In another expansive implementation of speech technology in healthcare, iSOFT, a division of the British-based IBA Health Group, today announced that it's integrating Royal Philips Electronic's SpeechMagic technology into its RadCentre radiology information system.

Taking Doctors Off the Line

Following a special program partnership between NotifyMD and the Iroqois Healthcare Alliance, doctors throughout most of upper New York State may almost never have to pick up their office phones again.

CallWave Goes Premium, Moves to Mac

Facing competition from speech-to-text (STT) providers like SpinVox, CallWave upped the ante on its service offerings this Monday when it launched three new subscription plans connected to its service.

A Quick Take on Speech in the iPhone

Quicktate.com, a web-based service that uses speech-to-text technology to transcribe voicemails on PDAs or smart phones, announced today at Macworld in San Francisco the beta release of a speech-to-text service that lets users read voicemail messages on their iPhones.

MacSpeech + Nuance = Dictate

Speech recognition software provider MacSpeech planned to replace its existing speech-to-text (STT) iListen software with Dictate, which uses Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology.