Speech Technology eWeekly - July 17, 2019


How to Reach Marketers Looking for a Speech Solution

As speech technology becomes more commonplace, new markets are opening up for vendors. But as new opportunities abound, how do voice vendors reach out to potential new customers like marketers?

Speech Technology News

Inference Solutions Unveils Virtual Agent Capabilities for WhatsApp

Platform integration enables mobile-friendly sales and support for global customers, particularly those in emerging markets.

Wavio Selects ID R&D to Deliver Sound Recognition and Awareness to Any Person, Any Device, Anywhere

Wavio announced it will partner with ID R&D, the biometric solutions provider offering AI-based voice, behavioral, and anti-spoofing user authentication capabilities, to deliver high-performance sound recognition software.

WICKED Modernizes the Broadway Experience Through Broadw.ai’s AI Technology

Broadw.ai Platform realizes a 700% increase in ROI, increasing ticketing and accelerating revenue growth with the help of AI platform, Broadw.ai.

Forward Thinking

Voice-First User Interfaces Speak to the Omnichannel Future

Screen- and voice-oriented devices are becoming one and the same

Industry Voices

Video: How to Make Your VUI Inclusive

Grand Studio Lead Designer Diana Deibel discusses best practices for culturally inclusive access in voice UI design in this clip from her presentation at SpeechTEK 2019.