Speech Technology eWeekly - February 06, 2008


Narrowing the Field in Voice Search

SRI International, an independent, nonprofit research institute, today announced that it's been issued a U.S. patent for voice-to-database (V2DB) technology that allows users to vocally access in a single step information in multimillion-item databases.

Making the Internet Talk

Text-to-speech (TTS) provider Cepstral is giving a voice to the Web avatars used on the 3D instant messenger site IMVU Virtual World.

Speech for Super Tuesday

SpinVox gives voters a voice after they leave the polls in primary states.

The Xs and Os of the Speech Game

Sticking to the game plan is the winning formula for a champion speech app.

Speech Technology News

Microsoft Bids for Yahoo!—Again!

Software giant looks to swallow up search provider for $44.6 billion.

The View from AVIOS

A Helping Hand in Voice Search

As the technology grows, customers will start to expect it more.