Speech Technology eWeekly - August 07, 2019


Diagnosing Disease with Speech Analytics

It's now possible to detect everything from depression to Parkinson's disease with speech analytics, but privacy concerns are still being dealt with

Speech Technology News

Marchex Releases Conversational AI Technology Built to Predict Customer Intent, Create Personalized Sales Experiences 

New suite of predictive AI models featuring 230 AI signals and growing creates powerful conversational insights for businesses that engage with customers over the phone and via text.

Marchex Launches Sales Edge, an AI-Based Product Suite to Drive Increased Sales

Powered by Marchex Conversational AI technology for phone and text, Sales Edge delivers new capabilities and insights that it says allows businesses to outperform the competition.

BlueToad Selected as Launch Partner for Amazon Polly

As an Amazon Polly launch partner, BlueToad uses new Polly voice to offer publishers realistic listening experiences for publishers offering audio versions of their articles to readers.

Chorus.ai Announces Native Zoom Integration Delivering Secure Recording Compliance for Enterprise

Chorus.ai announced a secure and compliant meeting recording experience. Chorus.ai ensures Zoom's native visual and audio recording notification is activated for any Chorus-recorded meeting.

Industry Voices

Software Inside the Hardware: Unlocking the Skills in a VUI

Much as developers rushed to put new apps onto Apple's App Store in 2009, we're seeing a bit of a gold rush to develop new skills for voice assistants. But developing for a VUI is an entirely different challenge.

Video: Demo: Gridspace Grace Autonomous Call Center Agent

Gridspace Co-Founder and Co-Head of Engineering Anthony Scodary demonstrates Grace, Gridspace's new automonous call center agent, in this clip from his keynote at SpeechTEK 2019.