Speech Technology eWeekly - March 19, 2008


Say 'Goodbye' to IVR Menus

New services promise to ease caller frustration when dealing with large companies.

Tighter Security for the Call Center

Verint has added another layer of security over audio files collected during contact center interactions.

Agent Assistance Meets Directory Assistance

Spoken Communications and Call Genie announced today at the Voice Search Conference in San Diego a partnership that leverages Spoken's agent-assisted interactive voice response (IVR) technology with Call Genie's targeted advertising services.

Voice Searching for an Interface

The opening panel at Voice Search 2008, moderated by TMA Associates president Bill Meisel, gave occasionally conflicting views on the current business and technological landscape for voice search in directory assistance and mobile applications.

What's the Use?

Testing early and often can find the hidden cracks in an IVR structure


Market Spotlight: Gaming--Playing with Speech

Voice interfaces in video games are rare as developers try to figure out how and when to incorporate speech.