Speech Technology eWeekly - April 02, 2008


IVRs Seek Tighter Security

Voxeo and VoiceVerified partnership is the latest in a string of deals designed to protect IVR users from fraud.

NLP on Fertile Ground

But despite its promise, going natural will take work.

Voice Value

Dictation for the Mac User

A new option could loosen the Windows stranglehold.

Speech Technology News

Tellme Eyes iPhone SDK

Voice services provider Tellme acknowledged it is looking into the iPhone SDK, but that it has no definite plans as of yet.

Nuance Lands Another Suite Deal

AT&T is latest provider to commit to using Nuance's embedded VSuite mobile applications.

SpinVox Makes Big Plans for Additional Funds

Voicemail-to-text vendor pledges to enhance technologies with almost $200 million in investor funding.

Fort Hood Purchases Wearable Language Translators

Hands-free, eyes-free system provides voice-activated, one-way translation capabilities to deploying soldiers in Mid East