Speech Technology eWeekly - May 13, 2020


Overcoming Bias Requires an AI Reboot

Biases in artificial intelligence can be mitigated with multiple programmers

Speech Technology News

Nuance Expands Dragon Medical One to Scandinavia

Nuance brings its AI-powered Dragon Medical One cloud platform to Denmark, Finland, and Sweden

Echo360 Launches Transcript Editor

Echo360's transcript editor allows users to edit machine-generated transcripts for video learning.

Clear2Connect Coalition Strongly Opposes FCC Decision on Captioning with Automatic Speech Recognition

Clear2Connect Coalition calls into question the FCC's ruling that allows telephone captioning using only speech recognition.

YouTube Taps Rev.com as Recommended Vendor for Captioning

Rev.com offers YouTube video creators true-to-video captions, seamless integration, and fast turnaround at a special discounted rate.

Chatbots Market Projected to Reach $9.17 Billion by 2025

The chatbot market is projected to see compound annual growth of 22 percent over the next five years, Valuates reports.

Forward Thinking

As Voice Assistants Multiply, When Will We Get a Registry?

VARs can help tame the Wild West of voice assistants