Speech Technology eWeekly - September 30, 2020

Speech Technology News

Lorex Introduces Voice-Enabled Home Monitoring System

Lorex Voice Assistant lets users control their home security systems with voice commands.

HandsFree Health Launches Voice-Enabled Medical Alert System

The new WellBe Smartwatch with Voice Assistant enables wellness, entertainment, and security.

Rakuten Partners with Nuance

Rakuten Mobile adds Nuance Intelligent Engagement AI Services to Rakuten Communications Platform.

AppTek Integrates Speech and Translation Technologies into PBT EU's SubtitleNEXT 

AppTek embeds its speech and artificial intelligence technologies into the SubtitleNEXT captioning and subtitling platform.

Aural Analytics Launches A2E for Speech Collection and Analytics

A2E enables speech collection for decentralized clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and consumer applications.

Solutionreach Adds Automated Answering Service from MedXCom to Marketplace

The customizable, HIPAA-compliant service includes speech-to-text transcription and documentation.

The Business Case

IVAs: Using AI to Serve Customers and Contact Centers

True omnichannel customer service is becoming closer to reality

Industry Voices

Wake Words Will Soon See a Resurgence

As consumers get more accustomed to using voice interfaces, wake words will become more prominent.