Speech Technology eWeekly - November 18, 2020

Editor's Letter

Let’s Take Action Before It’s Too Late

Has technology reached a point where it's nearly impossible to rein in, where legislation will never be able to catch up with the speed of advancing technology and innovation?

Speech Technology News

AccuSpeechMobile Achieves Zebra Technologies' Validation

AccuSpeechMobile has been certified for interoperability with Zebra's heads-up display devices.

Speechmatics Launches Global Spanish Language Pack

Speechmatics' Global Spanish language pack for automatic speech-to-text transcription covers a wide array of accents and dialects.

Sonde Health Launches Self-Serve API that Detects Respiratory Disease from Voice Changes

Sonde Health's developer portal enables organizations to embed vocal biomarker health detection and monitoring in its mobile apps.

AudioTilly Launches TTS WordPress Plugin

AudioTilly's WordPress plugin allows people to listen to blog posts while on the go.

North American Contact Center Intelligence Market to Grow 21.7 Percent Per Year Through 2026

Research firm Marqual IT Solutions anticipates growing interest in contact center artificial intelligence solutions among smaller firms. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com

Industry Voices

Mitigating TDMA Noise in Microphone Lines

Here are a few countermeasures that designers can incorporate to mitigate TDMA noise without affecting the signals.