Speech Technology eWeekly - June 18, 2008


Buy Speech, Get Books

IVO Software's latest TTS version includes free eBook downloads.

D-I-Y- or B-U-Y

Do-it-yourself may work for home improvements, but IVR design's a bit more complicated.

Speech Technology News

SpinVox Talks Birds and Bees with Teens

Speech-to-text provider SpinVox, MTV's Staying Alive Foundation, and Facebook today launched the "Stand by What You Say" campaign, an initiative seeking to open a dialogue among young people about sexual health and HIV.

Dial2Do Does More for the Cell Phone

Hands-free service provider voice-activates cell phones with JAJAH applications.

Acapela Empowers Dolphin Easy Reader

Latest version of the software provides the missing link in Microsoft's 'Save as DAISY XML' plug-in.

BlueAnt Takes TTS to Bluetooth

Bluetooth supplier BlueAnt Wireless announced today the general availability of Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree, a portable speakerphone device incorporating text-to-speech technology.

In Other Words

Is Machine Translation Ready for You?

Software is good for some tasks, but the results can be fun for others.