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Trends in Conversational AI for 2023

Conversational AI has reached into sectors such as banking, healthcare, education, and more, and in the near future AI-powered speech channels will be a necessity for most businesses.

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Coming March 21, 2023

Speech and Interaction Analytics

Speech and text analytics have become more sophisticated than ever, which is a good thing since these solutions must analyze not only call center interactions but also social media, chat, texts, and emails.

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Coming April 04, 2023

Voice and Chatbot Experiences

Breakthroughs in AI and natural language understanding have led to increasingly advanced voice interfaces, allowing companies to automate more customer interactions and leading to more seamless IVA and chatbot experiences.

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Coming June 06, 2023

How Speech Technologies Are Changing the Customer Experience

Real-time analytics help agents keep customer conversations on track, and emotion detection can sound the alarm when a customer's tone, volume, and word choice signal trouble.

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Coming August 22, 2023

Megatrends in the Voice Security Arena

Audio deepfakes have emerged as a new, and potent, security threat. New tools, like liveness detection and continuous authentication, are emerging to bolster companies' lines of defense.

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Coming October 24, 2023

Archived Webinars

Supercharging Your Speech Analytics Program With Real-Time Impact

Now more than ever, it's critical to make the most use of your existing workforce capacity by ensuring every interaction is compliant, accurate, and engaging.

Sponsored by: Verint

Original Broadcast Date: Oct. 04, 2022

Why Speech-to-Text Deserves Better Than Google and Amazon

Google and Amazon are hitting more than your wallet - they're hitting your transcription accuracy and speed, which is killing your customer experience.

Sponsored by: Deepgram

Original Broadcast Date: Sep. 27, 2022

Uncover CX Hidden Gems in Your Data With AI

As the number of customer interaction channels expands, companies need to move their analytics capabilities beyond just voice calls.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Jun. 07, 2022

Accurate, Complete and Impactful - Taking Your Speech Analytics Practice to the Next Level

Learn how to take your transcription and comprehension Accuracy to the next level, expand your speech practice to include a Complete view of digital channels such as chat, and make the shift from near real-time insights to real-time Impact achieving Total Quality.

Sponsored by: Verint

Original Broadcast Date: May. 17, 2022

The Dawn of the Intelligence Revolution & Opportunities for Improved Customer Experience

Join Scott Stephenson as he explores the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence Speech Technology and how companies can leverage these solutions to move beyond employee productivity gains, to revenue generating customer engagements.

Sponsored by: Deepgram

Original Broadcast Date: Feb. 01, 2022