The Future of Voice Technologies
An Executive Briefing

One might say there is a speech technology renaissance afoot. Conversational AI has already transformed how we interact with the digital world in our daily lives, and it’s also working its way into more and more enterprises.

Technologies that were once relegated to call centers are moving their way into every marketing and customer communication channel. It’s no surprise that companies are pouring money into developing new voice-based experiences.

Join our expert panelists from Verint, Speechmatics, and Concentrix and find out what a voice-based future will look like.

In this webinar, you will learn:

-- How to use speech technology to scale contact centers operations efficiently
-- New technologies for human augmentation and continuous intelligence
-- How virtual assistants are transforming customer care
-- How speech analytics can be leveraged to help organizations adapt to the new reality
-- How analyzing human to human interactions can help drive better adoption and effectiveness of digital channels
-- How conversational artificial intelligence extends beyond the IVR to facilitate business messaging and bots

Find out what’s coming down the road from the people developing tomorrow's tools—and start planning for the voice-based future.

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LaShawn Fugate
Speech Technology
D. Daniel Ziv
Vice President - Speech and Text Analytics
Global Product Strategy
Ian Firth
VP Products
Allyson Boudousquie
VP, Market & Product Strategy