AI and the Power of Speech Technologies  
Speech technologies have evolved in a variety of applications and industries from improving customer service in call centers to tuning voice assistants for automotive or retail interactions. The data, including customer data, in which these applications are trained and tested enable them to understand more than words but meaning. This event will talk about the role of data collections and best practices on how training these data sets are used to improve voice-enabled AI systems. You will also learn the Pros and Cons of manual and synthetic data.

Learn from multiple perspectives how AI speech technologies are also changing the way humans and machines interact, the challenges they present and the evolving expectations. Learn how real-time transcription is being used to change the way agents are trained, coached and managed which ultimately increases their productivity.

Take a deep dive into how AI is changing what speech analytics can tell us, and how it can improve your relationship with your customers.

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LaShawn Fugate
Speech Technology
Christopher Shulby
Director of Machine Learning
Wayne Ramprashad
Chief Product Officer
Alejandro Valenzuela
Data Programs Manager
SoundHound Inc.