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Nex-Gen Chat Solutions with Generative AI You Can Trust

As generative artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in speech technologies, so too grows the possibility for these systems to create false or biased content. In this webinar, you'll learn how to mitigate the risk of AI hallucinations.

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Coming June 04, 2024

Speech Technologies in the Low-Code/No-Code World

Writing code is a tedious process with many time-consuming manual steps. But now, low-code/no-code platforms are enabling much faster development of new speech solutions or changes to existing ones with easy-to-use building blocks.

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Coming September 17, 2024

Meeting the Rising Demand for Voice-Based Biometric Systems

As incidents of fraud continue to rise, the market for voice biometrics solutions has yielded huge success for speech technology vendors.

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Coming December 03, 2024

Archived Webinars

How AI-Driven Insights and Behaviors Create Exceptional CX

Speech and text analytics have become more sophisticated than ever, which is a good thing since these solutions must analyze not only call center interactions but also social media, chat, texts, and emails.

Sponsored by: NICE

Original Broadcast Date: Aug. 22, 2023