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We are pleased to make the content from and Speech Technology magazine available via RSS to provide our readers with another way to keep up to date on the speech technology information they need. Stream our feeds to your Web site or desktop aggregator for an automatically updated list of our latest stories or those you select based on popularity, subject matter, or other criteria. 

How To Use the Feeds
Clicking on the links below will give you the raw XML feeds for our content. XML/RSS Feed viewing and subscription features can be found in various web based and client based tools.  If you do not already have a favorite RSS Reader, check out the Top 6 Free Online RSS Readers from Lifewire.

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Terms of Use 
These feeds are free and available to the public; however, we ask that if you display our content on a Web site that you source it back to us with a link ( We reserve the right to request that a site remove a feed if we feel it is being used inappropriately.

If you have any questions about these feeds, please contact's webmaster.