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>>>>> Business Problem: You’re in a business meeting or seminar and need to check your phone messages. But that would be inconvenient and impolite.

>>>>> Technology Solution: Voicemail-to-text

>>>>> Pricing: Varies by carrier and monthly plan options.

Product: Yap Voicemail-to-Text
Delivery Method: Service platform. 
Functionality: Yap’s service converts voicemail messages to text that can be delivered as email or text messages, promising fast turnaround and no message limits. The company’s approach allows inexpensive bundling of voicemail-to-text with other services. Voicemail messages can be stored, indexed, and forwarded.
Business Benefits: Users never have to dial into their inboxes again, and because the service is 100 percent automated, it ensures reliable delivery of messages while keeping them private and secure. Urgent messages can be delivered almost immediately, reducing response time to voicemail that would otherwise be trapped in an inbox.
Contact: Yap at 1-704-960-1776; www.yapme.com.

Product: VoiceCloud Voicemail-to-Text
Delivery Method: Hosted service.  
Functionality: VoiceCloud converts messages to text and sends them to a user’s phone as email or text messages with the original audio file attached. Customers can record their own greetings. The basic plan starts at $9.95 a month for 50 messages; unlimited messaging costs $19.95 a month. The service currently supports only English, but VoiceCloud is working to expand the service to support Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Arabic. VoiceCloud also has a powerful developer API that enables third-party applications and other providers to offer voice-to-text functionality.
Business Benefits: VoiceCloud is compatible with most major U.S. carriers and supports both fixed and mobile networks. It includes unlimited transcription, storage, and retrieval, plus a specially designed interface for the iPhone and 24/7 customer service and support. 
Contact: VoiceCloud at 1-619-694-4940; www.voicecloud.com.

Product: Nuance Voicemail-to-Text
Delivery Method: Hosted service.
Functionality: Nuance Communications combines its Dragon NaturallySpeaking automated speech recognition with human transcriptionists to deliver voicemail as text, email, or visual voicemail messages. The system learns each caller’s voice over time, delivering improved accuracy and automation rates with use. The application currently supports U.S., U.K., and Australian English, and American and European Spanish.
Business Benefits: Users spend less time listening to and navigating voicemail messages. In addition, they don’t have to write down information contained within messages or worry about recordings being deleted. Users can respond to messages by clicking the 
reply icon.
Contact: Nuance Communications at 1-781-565-5000; www.nuance.com.

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