ART's smARTspeak XG Available on TI's Newest GSM/GPRS Platforms

ATLANTA, GA - ART Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc., developer of User Interface technologies for the mobile world, announced the porting of its smARTspeak XG speech recognition solution to the latest additions to Texas Instruments' TCS family of 'antenna-to-applications' chipset solutions, designed to allow development of 2.5G handsets and other wireless devices. These include the newest GSM/GPRS additions to TI's TCS family, the TCS2600, TCS2200 and TCS2010. Bringing the phonemic speech recognition solution to wireless mobile devices, ART's smARTspeak XG provides speaker independent name dialing and other command functions. This gives users near flexibility in the way they can structure voice commands. From now on, "Call John Smith at his office" and "John Smith - office" both provides the same response from smARTspeak XG. The solution available for TI's Wireless TCS application suite also includes the full range of modular features found in ART's successful smARTspeak NG recognition suite. "As a provider of innovative DSP and analog technologies to meet our customers' real world signal processing requirements, we are constantly updating the technologies that we incorporate into our latest market offerings" says Tom Pollard, Texas Instrument's WW Chipset Marketing Director. "We are confident that our customers will welcome this new addition to TI's wireless application suite, which will allow our customers to effortlessly create voice user interfaces in a competitive time to market." "After more than a decade of creating ground-breaking speech recognition solutions, we are delighted that TI has chosen ART's smARTspeak XG for its newest GSM/GPRS additions to the TCS family," said Mrs. Efrat Ramati , ART's Biz Dev Director . "We are sure that TI's customers will find that smARTspeak XG not only provides feature-rich functionality for new 2.5G products that can be brought quickly to market today - but that it is also fully tailored to make the seamless migration to future 3G functionality."
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