ATX Launches vRM

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, MAY 20, 2003 - ATX, the independent telematics service provider to the automotive industry, announced deployment of its Tele Aid Dealer Connect telematics service linking motorists with their preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer service center by the press of a button and single voice command. The program, to be featured as part of any basic Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid telematics package, was introduced in the New York City area before being launched at nine Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide. ATX's new Tele Aid Dealer Connect feature - the initial phase of ATX's telematics-based vehicle Relationship Management (vRM) program - is a telematics application that has been tailored specifically to benefit automobile dealerships. To activate the wireless communication connection, drivers press the "I" button on the console in most Mercedes-Benz vehicles and say: "Dealer." ATX's interactive voice recognition system then routes the call through the ATX response center to a specially trained customer representative at the customer's preferred dealership. "This simple application enables automobile dealerships to maintain close, personal contact with their customers, including being able to respond to customers' concerns or questions as they are interacting with their vehicle," said Ron West, ATX executive vice president of sales and marketing. "We're optimistic that what we're ultimately delivering to the dealership is enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, more efficient utilization of their service bays, and reduced costs." When the driver is outside his home area and needs assistance with his vehicle, ATX connects the driver to the nearest dealer and, upon request, provides directions to the dealership. Jeff Weber, customer relations manager for the Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel dealership in Laguna Niguel, CA, views the technology as "another way we help build the Mercedes-Benz brand experience," Weber added that the primary value with Tele Aid Dealer Connect is enhanced convenience for his customers, providing them with a way to contact him whenever they are running late for a service appointment or have a question about their vehicle. ATX's vRM program is designed to utilize a vehicle's telematics hardware to provide cost reductions, business efficiencies, and enhanced customer service for automobile manufacturers and their affiliated automobile dealerships.
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