Acapela Provides TTS for Open LORE Read

Open LORE, a developer of assistive reading software, has launched a new reading experience called Open LORE Read, an e-reader that uses Acapela Group's text-to-speech technology, synchronized word and sentence tracking, and a host of customizable features designed to make books and other publications more accessible to all users.

Open LORE Read's TTS application lets readers select from three voices. Audio is synchronized with visual tracking of the sentences and words. Volume, speed, and voice pitch can each be adjusted.

Open LORE Read's user interface allows readers to play, pause, and flip between book pages using forward and backward controls. They can also use table of contents, bookmark, and search methods of text navigation. The icon-driven interface and incorporation of TTS in menu and playback options reduce the reliance on text-based menus. Users also manage their own personal e-book libraries, where they can add ePUB and DAISY standard e-books, choose favorites, and sort books into custom collections. The library interface provides a preview and TTS book description that incorporates each user’s custom playback settings.

Open LORE's exclusive Image Synch technology presents book illustrations and figures in slide show fashion alongside the text, seamlessly synchronized with playback. This allows for optimal readability, as in-text imagery can interrupt the flow of word tracking while reading. Users can also choose to browse each book’s image gallery or hide images during text playback.

To further assist reading comprehension, Open LORE Read uses Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary, designed to support language comprehension and English as a Second Language development. Dictionary information is presented in an interactive dialogue in which readers can search the dictionary, read definitions using TTS with text tracking, and hear words spelled out loud. For further word study, readers can access a link to Merriam-Webster's online version of the Advanced Learner's English Dictionary (LearnersDictionary.com). Open LORE also supplements the dictionary feature with many 19th century words and spelling variations to improve comprehension of classic literature.

Open LORE Read runs on PCs with Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 as well as on Windows touchscreen devices and tablets.

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