Aculab to Release VoiSentry Biometric Speaker Verification

Aculab, a provider of telephony application programming interfaces for the global communications market, is set to release VoiSentry, a biometric speaker verification software option.

VoiSentry will enable developers to add voice authentication solutions to any business application, whether on premises, hosted, or cloud-based.

"Regardless of the customer interaction channel, users want an unobtrusive and intuitive customer experience without having to compromise on security. At the same time, across all market sectors, businesses have to compete in terms of that interaction while fulfilling an overarching obligation to provide the highest levels of security of access to user data, accounts, and services. With such compelling imperatives, businesses have never been more in need of solutions that proactively enable them to tackle the issues," said David Samuel, managing director of Aculab, in a statement.

"VoiSentry is designed as a lightweight speaker verification engine that is simple to install and integrate," said Ian Colville, product manager at Aculab, in a statement. "It's provided as a VM image that can be deployed on the developer's platform of choice, be that on a server, in a data center, or in a cloud-based environment. Interaction with Aculab's engine is abstracted to web-centric interfaces, which means it's straightforward to integrate with any IVR, self-service, or contact center solution. The application interface is light-touch, with the engine being engaged for enrollment and verification, leaving the developer, and hence the application, with full control and scope in catering to the individual business' needs. That means they can readily enable unique services to be provided on a per-client basis, which is the essence of cloud-based services provision."

VoiSentry will be available in the second quarter of the year.

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