Agnitio Introduces New Voice iD Branding Strategy

Agnitio, a provider of voice biometrics, today announced the roll out of its new Voice iD branding strategy. Voice iD, the company says, describes the category of voice biometrics technologies used to identify and authenticate users by their unique voiceprints.

With Voice iD, consumers can speak into their smartphones and other mobile devices to log on hands free, securely access apps and documents, and make secure mobile payments, as well as use their voiceprints to identify themselves with call centers.

Agnitio's vision encompasses comprehensive adoption of Voice iD in mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. With consumers' continued frustration with typing passwords and PINs, 58 percent forgetting their online passwords, and the universal, hands-free accessibility and convenience of the spoken word, Voice iD will simplify mobile login and make transactions faster than ever, according to a company release.

"With Apple's introduction of the Touch ID feature in the iPhone 5S, consumers have awakened to new ways of authentication," said Emilio Martinez, CEO of Agnitio, in a statement. "Voice iD may be the easiest method, complementary to Touch ID, yet faster to deploy. The Agnitio Voice iD software engine can be immediately added to any device, platform, or application, which allows for rapid ecosystem adoption. Soon consumers in a variety of scenarios will identify themselves with their unique voiceprint, in any language, electronically or by phone in a variety of scenarios."

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