Air Travel Industry Takes Off With InfoTalk-Air

HONG KONG, BEIJING and SINGAPORE - InfoTalk Corporation, a provider of multi-lingual conversational speech understanding technology, announced the general release of InfoTalk-Air, a voice-enabled solution specially designed for the air travel industry. InfoTalk-Air employs InfoTalk RSVP, a complete suite of speech technologies, to help the air travel industry achieve two simultaneous goals: enhancing customer services and reducing operational costs. Since 2000, InfoTalk-Air has been deployed in airports in Asia Pacific, including the Shenzhen International Airport in China, the Hong Kong International Airport and the Singapore Changi Airport. These airports' offerings of InfoTalk-Air demonstrate the keen adoption of speech technology in the service-oriented travel industry and provide a strong endorsement to InfoTalk's technologies and services. InfoTalk-Air services callers and travelers from everywhere who speak various languages with a diversity of accents. The system is designed to handle mixed and multiple languages that are commonly used in Asia Pacific. InfoTalk-Air offers technology features that help customer service providers further enhance top-notch service quality. 'Speak whenever you want' feature wastes no time for callers to listen to all the prompts. Barge-in technology empowers InfoTalk-Air to understand callers even if they start speaking in the middle of a prompt or a message. Another highlighted feature, 'Spot whatever you require', screens calls of interests for customer service providers allowing specific actions to be taken when particular words or phrases are being spotted. Voice-mining technology empowers a system to enhance work process and maximize the effective use of resources. "We are glad that InfoTalk-Air is widely accepted in the air travel industry and has built up significant market confidence," said Dr. Alex Leung, CEO of InfoTalk. "As travelers' expectation increases every year, more airports, airlines and travel agencies must choose a cost-effective way to enhance their customer service. We expect that more major airports and airlines will be offering InfoTalk-Air soon."
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